What is a ball valve? working principle,specifications

what is a ball valve
Ball valve is an industrial valve that opens and closes thanks to its part of ball, with a hole and can be rotated 90 degrees to control the flow through it. Currently, this type of valve we distribute is quite diverse in terms of design, origin, brand, material, and operation methods.

Principle of operation of the ball valve
With the hollow ball part with holes connected to the control unit (which can be a lever, a gear, an electric motor controller, a pneumatic controller) with a shaft. from the ball valve control unit so that the hole in the ball coincides with the direction of the body (opening the valve) or perpendicular to the valve body (closing the valve).

From many criteria that can be classified into different types to suit the pipe system such as connection type, material, control mechanism. Currently we are supplying ball valves with most types, floating ball valve,trunnion ball valve, v port ball valve, 3 way ball valve,full port or reduced port,1 pc, 2pc, 3pc,side entry or top entry.

General specifications of ball valves
Material - Body: Cast iron, carbon steel,Stainless steel, Chrome plated steel and copper
Gaskets: PTFE
Shaft, stem: Stainless steel 304
Connection type: Threaded / flanged
Size: 1/4 - 60 ″
Working pressure: 16kg / cm2 to 64kg / cm2
Working temperature: MAX 250 degrees Celsius
Manufacturer: Rizzio valvole
Origin: Italy
Standard: JIS - BS, DIN,API 6D
Warranty: 25 months
Note maintenance of ball valves

The common problem is that the valve is stuck because of a long period of uncontrolled operation, so the valve and the valve body can be bundled or rusted, making it difficult to operate. Ball valves are also often leaking within the valve stem and valve body due to abrasive operation, losing the tightness between the valve body, valve stem and valve body, ball.
In order to avoid such situations, the operator should pay attention to checking the valve operation, regularly cleaning outside the valve, and regularly lubricating oil and grease where necessary (it is best to periodically every 3 - 6 months) so that the valve can operate smoothly.